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Interested in all creative endeavors, Eliza collects virtual books and art in Second Life. She also creates virtual sculptures. Lisa Johnson has an MA in Rhetoric and Composition and currently teaches English composition. She is currently attempting to learn Swedish in order to raise her status from that of mono to bi-lingual. Apparently, the ability to say "hello," "goodbye," "please," thank you," and "WTF" in English, Spanish, Mandarin, and Swedish does not make one a polyglot.
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Berlin Virtually a Bust.

When I saw an opportunity to tour Berlin’s art galleries without the purchase of a plane ticket or need of a passport, I, of course, jumped.  I immediately went to Gallery Weekend Berlin and downloaded the Tundra Viewer for the Virtual Beta Tour from Spinningwire and beamed into what promised to be a memorable virtual … Continue reading

“Fragile Spring” Eliza Quinzet Showing at DNA through April!

This Video was made by Robert69 Little, staring musician and poet Rosedrop Rust and featuring the works of virtual glass artist Eliza Quinzet.  Check out Rosedrop’s performance schedule.  This video is presented here courtesy of Dyce Underwood and Armany Thursday of DNA Art and Music Fusion.  Make sure you check out their calendar for their … Continue reading

The Google Art Project

I was surprised I had not heard about this project yet from Google. I was hoping for a more interactive site, but considering the strides they are making in creating a world wide archive of artworks for people all around the world to enjoy I think the project is worth bringing attention to here. Googleartproject.com … Continue reading

LIfe and Art.

Awhile back I heard an individual remark that virtual reality was only interesting to people who were bored or disenchanted with reality.  This remark came, obviously, from someone who had never been involved with a virtual world except in passing. Though this bit of graffiti by Wannabe Banksy implies avatars must be dragged out of … Continue reading

Broad Art Museum

Broad Art Museum

This is an interesting project that presents art in a virtual setting.  It is fairly easy to use.  You just download the Unity plug-in and launch it.  The Flickr Gettr exhibit steams images through the virtual gallery space while you navigate through it. If you happen to visit when another avatar is there, you can interact and chat about the exhibit with them.

What I like about this is that it is one attempt to bring real world art into a virtual space that is available for the any internet user.  You don’t have to join a virtual world and potentially this could make existing museum collections readily available for patrons who cannot travel to visit them. 

Of course, this is nothing like viewing art in a virtual 3D world like Second Life. But, there is a lot of potential here.  I have his vision of the future internet where we will all have an avatar that walks around through virtual space meeting at a web site and interacting about what we see in a real time chat rather than these discussion boards we are all accustomed to. 

I hope you will all take a few minutes to check out this site and while you are at it, join a virtual world and explore some art there too!

Continue reading

An Interview: Wardi Sanusi– AKA Xineohp Guisse

Wardi Sanusi’s Alchemist’s Workshop is exactly the kind of build one hopes to discover when exploring the virtual world, Second Life.  The scale of the upper levels is sublime.  The visiting avatar is dwarfed. Orbs of mythical elements whirl and spin.  Some are transported through tubes that connect with other structures. The lowest levels of … Continue reading

Wardi’s Bloomin’ PinWheel!

Wardi’s pictures of a pinwheel got me in an orange-ish spring-ish mood 😉 I am getting used to the new viewer finally in SL too. WAY better for pics eh?

Banksy: Landscape Artist?

A rebel, the graffiti artist known as Banksy, has many causes.  His anti-establishment rhetoric seems intent on turning the minds of the populace against their officials both elected and appointed.  But, Banksy as a non-conformist does not seek the conformation of his viewers to his view or any other.  What he seeks and accomplishes is, … Continue reading

More Virtual Glass.

Cartoon ME!

“There isn’t one for you.”  I listened as my sister insisted, “You never even liked to watch cartoons.”  I had to agree.  I only liked the Looney Tunes.  Otherwise, I only watched cartoons because my sister and brother did.  Two of the three of us voted and PBS and I got voted off.  Still, I … Continue reading

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