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LIfe and Art.

Awhile back I heard an individual remark that virtual reality was only interesting to people who were bored or disenchanted with reality.  This remark came, obviously, from someone who had never been involved with a virtual world except in passing.

A work by Wannabe Banksy at the Avalon Art District of Second Life.

Though this bit of graffiti by Wannabe Banksy implies avatars must be dragged out of virtual reality in order for their real life operators to return to the real world, for most experience in second life is  only another opportunity to explore  the sensuality ,the suffering, and the spiritual bliss of human existence.

Ethereal by Anders Leijon at Antiquity Oasis in Second Life.

Second Life is  a user create world which is anything but pure escapism.  Certainly, there are escapists activities.  This is only fitting.  If anything Second Life is a reflection of reality and you will find individuals with the same diversity of back grounds and interests as the individuals you stand in line with for a coffee  Monday morning.  However, there is more at work here in Second Life than a human need to escape he banality or dissatisfaction  of every day existence.  This is the ultimate opportunity for self-expression.    Every tree, every building, every item of clothing, every avatar, every word of chat is an expression made by an individual and exchanged with another.

Time to Share by Anders Leijon at Antiquity Oasis in Second Life.

Every time you teleport into a sim you are  witness to the imagination, the ideas, the dreams of someone who has the generosity to make it available to  you.  If anything, in a virtual setting the best and worst of reality can be more closely examined just as we examine real life in any other artistic medium.

Reading by Eliza Quinzet.

Just as any other work of art, the power of virtual reality is its ability to help us understand and appreciate individuals and their unique perspectives on the world.  That requires not the attitude of escape but one of confrontation.  It requires  an open mind and a lot of courage.  On the route  you may find not  only a kindred spirit but insights into your own soul.


About Eliza Quinzet-Leijon

Interested in all creative endeavors, Eliza collects virtual books and art in Second Life. She also creates virtual sculptures. Lisa Johnson has an MA in Rhetoric and Composition and currently teaches English composition. She is currently attempting to learn Swedish in order to raise her status from that of mono to bi-lingual. Apparently, the ability to say "hello," "goodbye," "please," thank you," and "WTF" in English, Spanish, Mandarin, and Swedish does not make one a polyglot.


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